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Hemp Seeds

Hemp foods are expanding onto the shelves of grocery and natural food stores across North America. By definition, these are foods containing hempseed oil, whole seeds, &l t; Available hemp food products currently include salad dressings, nutrition bars, bread, cookies, granola, nut butter, corn chips, pasta, ice cream and cold pressed oil supplements. These products are not sold for the “hemp cachet” alone; manufacturers promote hemp foods for their exceptional nutritional benefits. Examining the composition of hempseed will help explain these benefits.

Like other oil seeds, the hemp nut; i.e., hulled seed, consists mainly of oil (typically 45%), protein (35%), and dietary fibre and other carbohydrates (10%, predominantly stemming from residues of the hull).


BULK: Bulk in container
BAGGED: 45 Kg, 50 Kg, 100 Lbs. PP Bags
LABELING: Custom designed labels and private labeling is available


Technical details and specifications


This product is best stored in a cool, dry, clean and well ventilated place. Recommended storage temperature is between 10-15 Celsius degrees, with relative humidity below 50%..